Xining Municipal Bureau of Taxation to open the moral lecture pass positive energy

sing a song, recite a poem, watch a short film, tell a story…… Recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of internal revenue, moral lecture in the Bureau of national tax cadres chorus singing Lei Feng learn good example in the song kicked off.

activities, the Bureau of cadres and workers to recite classical poetry, Lei Feng, and Guo Mingyi moved Qinghai ten people watched the video about Tian Yuying, learning the IRS East District of Comrade Wang Jianhai dedicated the story. We will speak to talk about feelings, talk about experience, have said: to advanced models as an example, to enhance their own moral self-cultivation to make a love in the family respect and care for children, the work of dedicated, honest and trustworthy people in society.

according to reports, moral lecture activities, not only is the positive response to the provincial civilization is an important measure for the "moral lecture" construction activities related requirements, conscientiously carry out activities to create a civilized unit, but also carry out the "talent construction", "great job training" is an important content. (author: Xiaogang Gao Jie)