West District Xining City West Main Street hit the city hit a battle

March 6th, the West District of Xining city in 2013 the founding of the city work conference, signed the responsibility of the target, the West Main Street Office actively deployed, broke the city hit a battle.

according to reports, this year the West Main Street Street offices will be in a city as the starting point to carry out the "civilization" project, by carrying out various cultural activities, improve the residents of the community’s sense of belonging and identity, and strive to build a new charm of the west, the West area "people person" selection activities have been started, will give full play to the role of demonstration the leading role of the typical, in the area to create civilized, dedication than "good atmosphere; to continue to carry out our holiday theme, dig the essence of traditional culture, carry forward the traditional culture and heritage; play the" old ", the theme will experience, summer camp and other forms, strengthen ideological and moral construction; continue to carry out the" West charm "as the theme of the mass spiritual civilization, active cultural life of the masses; open Office of the public auditorium, civilized etiquette for residents, legal knowledge, common sense of life, traditional folk, security, employment training as the main content of the lectures, open up the public vision, improve the quality of the public.

last year, West Main Street street party around a city, to mobilize the masses to participate in and guide the development of education, innovation carrier, has on the area of party, fine management and services, social management innovation and the comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation, community construction and other key work of the publicity, regularly held public lecture, has carried out the ideological and moral education and training, college entrance examination, school occupation skills, legal knowledge, etiquette, health care, science popularization, self-protection and so on, to carry out the "kylin Qingyun spring", "family talent competition", "love donation day" and a series of mass popular cultural activities, improve the residents of street sense of belonging and cohesion. With the traditional festivals as the carrier, we carry out the theme of "our holiday" extensively, which inherits the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, and carries forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.

in addition, during the national civilized city evaluation system of inspection, streets, community, to tackle tough, dispatched 3000 people participated in the welcome inspection work, the successful completion of the comprehensive environmental remediation, voluntary service, data collection and other work, make contributions to a city work. (author: Zhang)