The spokesman for training classes

9 month 26 days, the spokesman for the third training courses at the provincial Party school classes. The provincial ministries, provincial departments spokesman, municipalities (state) Party committee, government spokesman, part of the central unit in Qingdao, financial institutions, provincial large enterprise spokesman for a total of more than 30 people to attend the training.

from the Central Propaganda Department of foreign news bureau, China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong, Communication University of China, and leadership and a number of experts and scholars on the province spokesman qualities, public opinion monitoring and analysis, breaking news events and emergency disposal of teaching content. 5 days of lectures, experts through simulation and discussion and exchanges, enhance the understanding of the importance of news release, spokesman for the master the necessary knowledge, skills, strengthen the spokesman of the work, and improve the ability to promote the party and government organs dealing with the media and the public, establish authoritative, accurate and fast dissemination of news and communication channels. Establish a good image of the party and government organs, open and transparent, fair and rigorous.

staff said, to improve their quality through training, to obtain new knowledge and experience better applied to practice, do more consciously press release. Firmly establish political awareness, the overall sense of core consciousness, par consciousness, always adhere to the correct political direction, grasp the correct guidance of public opinion, to be a qualified spokesman, tell a good story Qinghai, Qinghai good voice communication.