Xining West District Committee held the six plenary session of the thirteen

"three" buildings of the hull, alleyways become more sophisticated, large shopping mall has opened, the social management model innovation…… Over the past year, the West District of Xining to live in this piece of land on the people brought a lot of surprises. From January 8th, Xining City West District Party committee thirteen plenary meeting of the six session on the good news, this year, the west is closely related to the lives of ordinary people and things from the start, the west district to build a boutique city in the west, people become a happiness family circle.

will have urban ecological corridor

will focus on the construction of pedestrian, bicycle greenway project, various types of parks in the region, landscape and other major landscape nodes are linked together to form a larger urban ecological corridor. The planning and design of a number of landscape along the canal for the public to provide more leisure. At the same time, the West will be extended to the urban construction work in the alley. According to lane Huangli shore Lane 20 Lane Street, microwave characteristics, on the 20 street to street, which has become a beautiful scenery line.

attract large projects leading economy

project decision emboldened, the project determines competitiveness. West will focus on industrial development, the transformation of the old city, supporting functions, improve people’s livelihood, a substantial increase in project planning, packaging, promotion and the overall level of promotion. Will encourage a strong industry relationship of the modern service industry into the west, strengthen targeted investment in the central enterprises, top 100 private enterprises, research institutions, the regional headquarters of the introduction of a number of driving effect is good, the market capacity, long industrial chain of high-quality projects. Will encourage domestic services, professional distribution, home care and other family service industry development, improve people’s quality of life.

a new public kindergarten

will increase the intensity of pre-school education, explore the establishment of private kindergarten management, support measures, the new 1 Public kindergartens. To promote the standardization of school construction projects, renovation of teaching facilities and belonged to the primary school education, integration of land, for the culture of primary school put into use during the year, and start the relocation project of Xichuan Road Primary school.

uses the market management mode to manage the city

will give full play to the role of market allocation of resources, with the market the government money to do things, to work in the community, community cadres professional occupation and government purchase service and cultivating the market main body and so on to explore new ways. Specifically, in the cleaning, landscaping and other aspects of the implementation of market-oriented operation, improve the level of service for the people. Will encourage and attract enterprises and private capital to participate in road reconstruction, greening, lighting and other infrastructure construction. (author: Wu Yachun)