Qinghai development station on a new historical starting point

Said the number 2015



at or above the provincial level agricultural leading enterprise sales growth of 25%; strategic emerging industry growth of more than 20%, the equipment manufacturing industry increased by 22%, light industry accounted for an increase of 2.6 percentage points, the regulation of industrial added value increased by 7.6%. The balance of both deposits and loans exceeded 500 billion yuan, the investment and consumption of information industry exceeded 10 billion yuan and $twenty billion, respectively, the total number of trips and total revenue grew by 15.5% and 22.8%, accounting for the service sector increased by 4.4 percentage points.



key ecological projects steadily, GDP and industrial added value of energy consumption to achieve the "double down", Xining air quality rate of 77.6%, is "12th Five-Year" best level.


62 thousand new urban jobs, institutions of the examination of over 10000, 5369 new ecological management and protection of public positions, transfer of agricultural and pastoral areas of labor 1 million 180 thousand people. Per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reached 24542 yuan and $7933, an increase of 10% and 8.9%, respectively. Vigorously promote accurate poverty, to achieve the goal of poverty. Early last year to determine the livelihood of the ten things fully completed.

– the province to achieve substantial growth.

– five years, the province built a number of major projects to fill the blank ready.

– the first area comprehensively promote the construction of ecological civilization, the main function of space, constantly optimize the layout of ecological strategic position has become increasingly prominent.

– the government has invested 149 billion 300 million yuan of funds from the people’s livelihood "in 11th Five-Year increased to 464 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 2.1 times, significantly enhance the level of protection of people’s livelihood.

– optimize the industrial structure, a new trend, steady stage advantages and three production increase.

"four two line" implementation of the strategy of the main functional areas to speed up the establishment of.

– adhere to the overall planning, coordination and promotion, comprehensive deepening reform.Speech excerpts from

– Hao Peng in the twelfth Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress fifth meeting.