Raise money 9 students thousands of miles

figure for 9 students in the center of the Dalian University of Technology to raise money for poor students.

in order to help the impoverished areas of Qinghai students, 9 undergraduates from Dalian University of Technology 90 students, from Xi’an in July 21st to start riding 1100 kilometers, along the way of fundraising, in August 1st after arriving in Xining, they will be a raised 2000 yuan donation to our province 5 primary school.

at 11 am on August 1st, the reporter saw in the central square, a total of 9 college students riding a bicycle equipment, is to raise money to the past people. According to the team leader Shao Xiuchen introduction, this summer they decided to carry out fund-raising activities to raise money for the poor students in Qinghai. In July 21st, they rode bicycles from Xi’an, Xianyang, Baoji, a route of Tianshui, Lanzhou, Xining, the final goal is all along the income donations, donated to the 5 primary school in Minhe County, Huzhu county and other places of the poor students, hoping to make their own strength to provide help.

Girl Li Cong

of the Department of chemical engineering third told reporters, down the road, they need to ride 100 kilometers per day, while also encountered mudslides, heavy rain and other inclement weather, the hard way as can be imagined. They walked on a rainy night in the steep mountain road, the road bumps jangled their hands clenched handlebar, the mud splashed all over their body, but to see a little more money, they all pay is worth it. Tianshui in Gansu, an aunt know their activities, took out the wallet will be all the money to donate all of them, and returned home to take a few hundred dollars into the donation box again. She said: "everyone’s support is the driving force."

leader Shao Xiuchen told reporters that they will donate objects in Qinghai, because their school has a "green window" association is in Qinghai to carry out caring education activities in 5 primary school, they through the "green window" preliminary understanding to the current situation of poverty here, see the students fell on old, rickety desks listen carefully, see the shabby dormitory 34 students was crowded in the 16 bed. These donations are a drop in the bucket, but we hope to help them do something."