Window industry to provide convenient services to the masses

Since educational practice activities, units and service industry in Xining City, the window of the spirit of "convenient, intimate, sunshine" service initiatives, looking for gaps, since the pressure, adhere to learning while the investigation and reform, to improve the service environment, improve service capabilities, improve service efficiency efforts to see the effectiveness of work style, continuous improvement.

to the masses demand, light, convenient service. With the central for law enforcement and supervision departments and window units, service industry "four winds" and points out the existence of outstanding performance of the 5 provincial Party committee, points out the performance of the 7 Party, point out the performance of the 8, and started the second batch of educational practice typical case style before the provincial and Municipal Commission for Discipline thorough investigation of notification. Window units and service industries at all levels to actively learn deep self-examination and rectification, business processes, policies and regulations, strong quality, image, process optimization, management, business and work style construction to grasp the two promotion. To the views of the masses as the driving force, polished windows, intimate convenience services. Each window unit and the service industry adhere to the satisfaction of the masses as the starting point and end point of the activities, and strive to improve the window environment, and effectively improve efficiency, on-site service, booking services, online services. To the satisfaction of the masses as the standard to improve the quality of the sun window warm heart. Each window units and service industries around the convenience of the people Huimin, difficult thing I arranged, and strive to improve the quality of service for the people. North District, West District Labor and social security service hall to solve the masses of hard work, long queues, equipped with evaluation called machine, the server in the window, with the master of the business handling service system. At the same time, take turns on duty handling department responsible for the guidance, implementation of demonstrative hillock, free of charge for the work of the masses to provide identity cards, residence booklet and other business data copy, considerate and convenient service, so that the work of the people running a little less loop, once ranked team, less a minute.