West District CPPCC research work

In order to fully implement the spirit of the six plenary session of the Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China

in order to fully implement the spirit of the six plenary session of the 17th CPC National Congress, to promote the prosperity and development of cultural undertakings in West district. June 7th, the district CPPCC Vice Chairman Ma Guoxuan, Wei Rong and 14 CPPCC members on the work carried out in the area of cultural work.

this research take listening to the reports, discussion and on-the-spot observation form, you have listened to the chairman and members in the district government deputy mayor Wang Yongchang on the development of cultural work in our district report, on issues related to the exchange and discussion with members of the committee, and inspected the district cultural center and cold Lake Road community culture station. Members of the CPPCC National Committee of the Western cultural achievements objectively appraises, also proposed to the construction of West District Sports Center as soon as possible, to create their own brand culture, expand western awareness, strengthen cultural heritage, do the work of grass-roots culture; the use of the area resource advantage, take the cooperation between the government and the school, the school music department, absorption the art students to join to form our region cultural work team, effectively alleviate the shortage of professional talents; to actively collect folk music, minor, rich cultural life of the community residents, strengthen community cultural attraction, centripetal force.