West will build the city’s central business district

In February 27th, a reporter from the west area of the seventeenth people’s Congress of the fourth meeting was informed that the west district will strive to build the city’s central business district, in the foundation of the development and construction of Dalian Wanda, West Street, Beijing Hualian city complex, actively attract high-end consumer formats in driving the Western District of popular and commercial gas, gas aggregation.

it is understood that, in 2013, West District in accelerating industrial upgrading, promote urban and rural construction, improve the public service system, improve people’s livelihood and other aspects have achieved good results. In 2014, the West will focus on commercial pedestrian street, Qinghai Richpower Xiang Xinhua Department store, Wangfujing department store west business leader tracking service, to further enrich the commercial Lane area consumer formats, to build the city’s central business district.

reporter learned that, in 2014, West District, pay more attention to quality and efficiency, and strive to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. Efforts to promote the implementation of the project, focusing on the renovation of the street landscape, as well as shanty towns, old homes and buildings, such as the elevation of the facade renovation project. Qinghai, South East, Youyuan Qi Xiang Xiang Xiang youth Sijian old city area demolition work etc.. In order to speed up the development of modern service industry, the West will comprehensively promote the wisdom of urban construction, the implementation of information Huimin project. To promote the integration of the development of business, the western research Huoshaogou basin industrial development planning layout, efforts to build a comprehensive set of eco-tourism, cultural industry, forest economy, leisure and public services as one of the band. At the same time, this year will be implemented in the West for the practical projects, efforts to enhance the people’s production and living standards.