Ten news selection of public enthusiasm

"25 pieces of Xining event let me see how to flourish in Xining this year, the 25 major events in Xining, pieces let me move, pieces difficult to choose!" In December 16th, the newspaper published 25 pieces of 2013 major events in Xining, please the public selected the "2013 Xining ten news from Xining, the 25 event was published, it caused a strong resonance and response of the public, many people call the hotline to vote to vote, have to select the idea of the" 2013 Xining ten news". Newspaper published in December 16th, the 25 major events in Xining,, so that the public enthusiasm, and constantly into the hotline call their minds, the 2013 Xining news". These 25 major events in Xining not only summarize the inventory of our 2013 annual overall work, showcasing the new changes this year, economic and social undertakings and achievements of urban and rural people’s life, but also that the city will move towards 2014 to more vigorous and heroic pace. After a first day of voting, "Xining city issued 15 regulations", "turn style Nanshan by China Habitat Environment Award", "cool summer", Xining among the top city "the city to come up with the maximum intensity of the history of pollution", "Xining 80% financial flowers to the livelihood of the people", "evening news the most beautiful building the construction of" Xining City Award tasting event received the highest number of votes, hundreds of people to vote, almost every vote for more than a few major events in Xining. Vote in the hotline, a member of the public told reporters: "let me see the 25 major events in Xining this year to the municipal government for the tangible things with feelings, see the government departments to effectively change the style of work, my heart feel warm. 25 events can only be selected in the 10 is really difficult to choose, I do not know which to choose the 10 to express my heart this kind of move." There is a public into the hotline, breath for more than a dozen major events in Xining vote, the reporter had to remind the public to vote has more than 10 pieces, the enthusiastic public regret to re elected the 10. He said: "through 25 major events in Xining, I deeply feel that this year the city of Xining in a very positive attitude to move forward, do not look at our Xining is a small city, but still can have a big! I’m proud of being a Xining man." The selection of activities to take telephone voting, Internet voting and other ways to carry out public voting activities. Phone calls can call through the Xining evening news, 8230503 0971-8230534, 96388 television stations in Xining, Xining people’s Broadcasting Station 0971-8248596 vote; network voting can log on the website of Xining municipal government (http://s.xining.gov.cn/), sina Xining evening news official (http://s. e.weibo.com/xiningwanba) and micro-blog Tencent micro-blog (http://s.e.t.qq.com/xnwanbao), Xining evening news, Xining network television (http://s.xntv.tv/) vote. At the same time, you can also fill in the newspaper published in December 16th;