This year the lake will be extended to Yinchuan

January 16th 10, the Provincial Sports Bureau Feng Jianping guest of the people, with the majority of users talk about the development and construction of Qinghai sports. He said, Qinghai sports from the beginning of this century will start on the sports industry, mass sports, competitive sports in three aspects of the coordinated development of the work, after ten years of development, practice proves that this is the ultimate goal of sports development. He revealed that in 2013 the twelfth round of the lake will be extended to Yinchuan, the total prize money will increase to $700 thousand.

Feng Jianping introduced in recent years, Qinghai formed a unique "Qinghai sports phenomenon", especially after 11 years to build, the Lake Race ranks in the Chinese brand Festival comprehensive selection in the list, won the most prestigious international sports events ". The event has brought us confidence, bringing an open mind, the impact on Qinghai is far-reaching, this year’s tournament will also have a new, greater breakthrough. Feng Jianping believes that it is very important to do a thing. Only persevere, 10 years, 20 years, adhere to one thing in 30 years, in order to eventually succeed. Around the lake can go today, Qinghai sports can go to today, is because of perseverance.

lake after 11 years of competition, but also to Feng Jianping for the entire sports career has its own unique insights. He said that after nearly 12 years of exploration, we put forward the development of sports industry as the core, the development of mass sports and competitive sports concept. In 1978-2002 years, 25 years, our sports infrastructure investment is 2 million yuan, in 2003 after a month to 5 million yuan at the rate of increase, a year is about six or seven million yuan. But where is our short board? Competitive sports. Last year, the London Olympic Games, in the history of the Olympic Games, the first Tibetan athletes to win the Yang Yang sister won the bronze medal, which is very far-reaching significance for Qinghai and china. (reporter Ge Wenrong)