Three cards to promote the province’s traffic card

10 28, Qinghai Card Co., Ltd. was formally established. In the future, the province will be the existing bus IC card, road transport IC card, highway ETC card integration, the formation of three card service pattern.

Qinghai province

card limited liability company is the provincial transport department subordinate state-owned holding mixed ownership of all enterprises, the office is in a careful analysis of the transportation industry is facing new challenges and opportunities on the basis of strategic transformation and development to make the transportation industry, but also the construction of intelligent transportation investment and financing system reform and innovation in the field of traffic and transportation breakthrough is an important measure to promote the development of transportation, traffic in our province to play a leading role in the economic and social advance.

Qinghai Smart Card Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the province’s card platform construction, operation and management. The "one card" is built on the basis of advanced science and technology for urban and rural residents to provide systems engineering life convenient, embodies a multi-purpose card features, can be equipped with body functions such as closely related to the lives of ordinary people can replace cash and information for the construction of intelligent transportation, smart city offers strong support.

the future development of the company will in the construction, operation and management services, and gradually involved in related highway services business operations, will present the province has a bus IC card, IC card, ETC card of Expressway road transportation integration, the formation of three card service pattern, first in the province to promote the application and implementation of Internet traffic card, interworking with the national transportation card at the end of 2016.

It is reported that the

, after the establishment of the company, will be in accordance with the established goals, the enterprise will do fine and stronger, to achieve economies of scale, efficiency, speed synchronous development, and with low cost, increase benefit for the pursuit of the full implementation of the fine management, to build enterprise management advantages, excellent execution, the formation right through the construction of a high speed, high efficiency, high efficiency and development of enterprises, and make new contributions to the development of the transportation industry.