Xining East renovation and construction of a difficult point in the construction of health

after a week of Wei Jian review supervision and inspection activities, in July 29th, the sprint stage in Xining city architectural review steering group first team in Wei Jian review, once again into the east area, review the previous part of the problem. Review found that before the establishment of the basic problem of health to do a remediation, once in place".

– Vietnam International Plaza site: construction waste is cleaned, before the mess is also gone. Vietnam International Plaza site responsible person said: so that the working environment so that everyone is more comfortable, more motivated to work together, will continue to maintain."

– Jinke triumph Plaza site: garbage and construction waste has been completely cleared, the door was also hardened mud, building materials are uniform, and protective net bar.

– South Avenue: Jeeves heshengyuan before the cell door has been eliminated, across the district garbage have been cleaned up. But the new site is more, there is still a small amount of gravel on the road.

– Cao Zhai Market: the overall appearance of Jeeves phenomenon has take on an altogether new aspect, completely eliminated, and the market is becoming more orderly, each business door is decorated with a trash, debris piled up public toilet and odor phenomenon has been eradicated.

– the province two car team in hospital: the recycling station has been banned, chaos phenomenon has disappeared, freight items are placed in each point of the dilapidated walls are arranged in good order, are painted to take on an altogether new aspect. (author: Zhang Chengrui)