The provincial authorities to carry out clean and honest family tree family built looking for the

March 31st, the provincial authorities and committee held a family tradition, building a clean family tree clean – looking for the most beautiful family forum, the mobilization of women’s organizations at all levels of provincial authorities take positive action to deepen the construction of family civilization, establish and promote clean family tradition, and carry out looking for the most beautiful family activities.

will be on the initiative, now in the provincial authorities to carry out within the scope of honest, honest family family tree built – looking for the most beautiful family activities, promoting cadres of workers and family tree. As long as have the harmony between husband and wife, zunlaoaiyou, honest statesman, science godson, Qinjianchijia, neighborhood and other excellent family virtues of the Chinese nation, focus on the cultivation of honesty, integrity and pursue a scientific and civilized family, healthy lifestyle and positive family culture, can recommend or recommend "the most beautiful family".

in recent years, the provincial authorities to promote the building of a solid family civilization, the emergence of a lot of the most beautiful family". 2014 – 2015, the provincial authorities to get the country’s most beautiful family, the country, the most beautiful family nominated 4, the province’s most beautiful family, the family of the province, the most beautiful family, the nomination of 54 households in the world, the world’s most beautiful family, the name of the family, the most beautiful family of 20. These "the most beautiful family" deeds vivid, full of positive energy, the real interpretation of the rich connotation of the socialist core values.