Measures for the implementation of urban and rural community consultation

10 month 21 days, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, to implement the provincial office, the office of the provincial government "on the strengthening of urban and rural community consultation guidance" and "the Ministry of Civil Affairs on further promoting the urban and rural community consultation work notice" spirit, in October 20th, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department issued the "urban and rural communities consultation and implementation measures of Qinghai province" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), for the further development of grassroots democracy, democratic channels, to enhance the province of urban and rural community consultation system standardized procedures, better protection of urban and rural residents enjoy the right to participate in decision-making and management rights, the right of supervision, provides the operation the policy basis.

"approach" is divided into 7 chapters, the specific content of the "clear", "three", a development, a strengthening of the 25". One is to clear the negotiation, 18 issues involving the vital interests of the masses of urban and rural residents, must be through democratic consultation before implementation; the two is the clear consensus subject, according to the negotiation matters involving the interests of the principal, the provisions of the village (community) party organization and the village (neighborhood) committee and other 6 categories of organizations and village (community residents and stakeholders) non permanent residents, can serve as a consultative body; the three is the clear consultation procedures, provisions relating to the interests of the whole village (community) and the village (neighborhood) matters of vital interests of the people, should be in accordance with the proposed motion, identify issues, and determine the form of public matters, announced the results of the 5 the program to carry out extensive democratic consultation; the four is to expand the consultation form and carrier, enumerates 5 kinds of negotiation form and carrier, can be combined with the actual requirements of various deliberative bodies, small autonomous units, Guangzhou Extensive democratic consultation. Encourage local conditions, relying on the network information carrier to carry out online consultation, online emerging consultation, expand consultation form and carrier; five is to strengthen the application of consultation results, in accordance with the requirements of "who convened, who is responsible" principle, earnestly implement the consultation matters, timely implementation of the public, accept supervision by the masses.

stressed that the "measures" no entity, organization or individual may arbitrarily suspend, revoke or change the organization in accordance with democratic procedures, the outcome of negotiations, without changing the negotiation result of losses caused by the related responsibility. Where the parties concerned should be determined through consultation procedures but did not fulfill the procedures for consultation, the village (neighborhood) people’s Congress has the right to veto. The main body of the consultations refused to implement the results of the consultation, the county (city, district), township party committee and government (Street Party committee, neighborhood offices) shall be revoked.