How to operate the lighting shop in order to ensure that money

lighting as an indispensable in the life of every family activities, consumption, demand is also very large. So the market to do a lot of lighting sales investors, but some successful, some failed. So, how to successfully run a lighting shop?

first good location you want business products, in the high-end or low-end. Products are generally based on local market conditions and economic level to determine. Then the size and direction of the business. How large the store is based on the wholesale or retail, or engineering. Because it involves the quantity you want. Followed by shop rent and decoration and tax. Decoration of a paperback and luxurious two categories can be the economic strength of the individual to confirm. The most important point, be sure to do the rest of the funds used for turnover. To ensure that you operate in normal conditions.

to confirm the product positioning. Need to understand what the style of local architecture is the level of consumption, what style and price of the product can be more acceptable. These are needed to understand and analyze the market. There is a wholesale or retail channels, or engineering based. These depend on personal connections and financial strength. The last is to confirm the style and decoration products and other light collocation, a display showcase.

about joining lighting to the mode of operation, generally look at individual needs and strength. Agents to join the benefits of simple, most things do not need their own operations, but the threshold is more expensive, the general price of your. Is not very recommended novice to do. Big brands frequently hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands of investment. Small brand cheap, but no effect.

as their purchase, advantage of flexibility, can grasp the freedom of business products and efforts, according to market adjustment ability. But more complicated. If the purchase volume, if the volume can be considered to take a look at Zhongshan Ancient Town. Because there are more styles, and are factory outlets, the price is relatively cheap. This will be more advantageous to do. But it is not recommended that retailers go to the ancient town to purchase, because the price is cheaper. But the travel and scheduling together. The advantage is not obvious. However, nothing can go to the town to see, perhaps to gain some experience?

for everybody introduction is about the lighting store some management skills, whether it is a lighting store or, or do other investment, full market investigation is indispensable, the only way to do a risk free money management.