Hundreds of elderly portrait into a hundred


entered the threshold of new year occasion, in Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Tongren Shan Art Museum as the wolf settlement, county "send joy to the grassroots holiday gifts, many elderly to record their happy moment portraits, overflow face smile, have repeatedly praised the thumbs up activity is done well.
100 pieces of old portrait into the hundreds of activities initiated by the Tongren County propaganda department and the wolf mountain settlement Art Museum, the villages in the county over 80 years old free portraits and framed, intended to use light retained practice of grass-roots level, rooted in people’s "public welfare activities. The shooting lasted for half a year, a total of more than 20 organizations in the province photographers into the countryside, to more than 200 elderly shot filled with happiness "sunset red" photos and a warm "family portrait", these old people in Hui and Han, Tibetan and other soil, each nation, fully demonstrated the flourishing scene of ethnic harmony the.
in the release ceremony, deputy magistrate Ma Jinxian Tongren County propaganda department minister, hope that through the organization of this activity, to be able to call and call for more young people, attention to vulnerable elderly life, let people truly feel the warmth of the community, in the whole society to carry forward the traditional virtues of respecting and caring for the elderly, create civilization harmonious social environment.