Desertification area decreased by 54 thousand hectares in

June 17th, the world desertification day. On the same day jointly organized by the provincial forestry department and Haiyan County huanlin bureau to combat desertification on the commemoration of the reporter was informed that the results of our province desertification and desertification control significantly, according to the fourth desertification and sandy land monitoring results, the desertified land area from 12 million 558 thousand hectares in 2009 is now reduced to 12 million 504 thousand hectares, 5 years to reduce 54 thousand ha, an annual reduction of 11 thousand hectares.

"11th Five-Year" period, through the implementation of the three North Shelterbelt, returning farmland to forests and other key forestry projects and the source of the Sanjiang national project, the new changes in the pattern of desertification land in our province. In recent years, the Qaidam Basin, Sanjiang source, sandy desertification land in Gonghe basin is reversed, which reduce the amount of the largest source of the Yellow River sandy land, 41 thousand hectares, Sanjiang natural reserve ecological construction highlights. The sandy area around the Qinghai Lake and its surrounding areas are the same, and the amount of flowing sand is equal to that of the fixed semi fixed sandy land.