WeChat rumors do not believe all kinds of student policy has standards

In August 24th, WeChat is a circle of friends of student aid information scraper, caused widespread concern of the public. "Is there really such a policy?" With questions, the reporter from the Xining Municipal Bureau of education and the Xining Federation of trade unions have been confirmed: This is a false information.

"who’s this year admitted two students, with the admission notice and to prove that the union families receive 2000 yuan Scholarship Fund in autumn! Hope to tell each other! Move your fingers, let love pass! Low assurance new college students, go to the two floor of the Education Bureau registration, a year subsidy of $ten thousand. Need to bring low assurance, admission notice, the account of this, ID card and a copy of the original. End September 14th." It is this false information in the circle of friends crazy pass, to the relevant departments of the work has brought a lot of trouble.

in Xining City Board of education, the staff provided detailed information of education funding policy, and no mention of WeChat in the policy, and each funding policy has funded scope and application conditions. At present, the college students’ aid mainly includes the student loan policy and social support. Xining from the fall of 2008 to carry out student loans to student loans, at present, the maximum amount of loans per student per academic year is 6000 yuan. The object of the loan is to participate in the national college entrance examination and enrollment of students with financial difficulties in the family, the account can be located in the county (District) Education Bureau to apply for loans to the center for student loans.

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