Wang Yubo proposed the two sessions will be included in the city of Xining two pilot cities

suggested a: will be included in the underground pipe gallery pilot city, Xining, two recommendations: Xining will be included in the sponge city pilot cities


" is proposed to be included in the Xining underground comprehensive pipe gallery pilot cities and cities in the sponge city." In two of the country, the National People’s Congress, Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo took the two recommendations.

suggested a: included in the underground pipe gallery pilot city

[background] Xining Qinghai Tibet Plateau is the most livable city, is the political, economic and cultural center, and the center of gravity is also the province’s population, industry and urbanization, plays an important role in service of the province, especially the strategic function of national importance in Sanjiang source of ecological protection, maintain stability in Tibetan areas. The city’s total area of 7649 square kilometers, the main city built-up area of up to 115 square kilometers. By the end of 2014 the city’s resident population reached 2 million 290 thousand and 700 people, the urban population of 1 million 571 thousand and 500 people, the urbanization rate was 67.8%.

Xining as the population in Qinghai Tibet Plateau only over millions of city, is the most suitable for industrialization, urbanization, informatization, modernization of agriculture area, development of the first degree, the support of the industry, economic and social aggregation concentration. At present, there are about 200 thousand more than other areas in the province of cadres and workers and families of children living in Xining Province, more than 80% retired workers in Xining purchase home; nearly 30 thousand of the province area cadres and workers children in the Xining school, and an annual increase in the number of thousands of people. Xining City, the province’s commitment to about 50% of the population of "food, shelter, medicine, education, and old" and other public services to the province accounted for 1.07% of the land area of the province gathered 40% of the population, the city infrastructure construction is very arduous task.

[status] in recent years, Xining city around the new urbanization, improve infrastructure, strengthen the use of underground space, and so do a lot of work. According to the development strategy of the eastern city of group of Qinghai Province, the "Xining city overall plan (2001-2020) to modify" as a guide, to complete the preparation of the eastern city of Xining group urban strategic planning, urban area controlled detailed planning and full coverage of water supply, drainage, gas, flood control, drainage pipe gallery, comprehensive transportation etc. the special planning for the future, the city municipal pipe network renovation, provide the basis for the new, promoted the Xining city construction process. 2013 began to carry out the general survey of underground pipelines, pipeline census is now nearing completion, is conducive to the next phase of the integrated pipeline planning and construction. The main city of Xining power 10 thousand volts, telecommunications fiber optic cable into the ground, drainage culvert culvert and a number of projects have been completed. However, due to local financial constraints, together with previous to the construction of the underground pipe gallery building is insufficient, inadequate attention, with the province’s population, accelerate the industry to gather in Xining, city infrastructure capacity current cannot guarantee the need of city development, reasonable and scientific;