Qinghai Ecological Civilization Research Center unveiled yesterday

Yesterday, the Qinghai Province Ecological Civilization Research Center was inaugurated and the ecological civilization and the construction of tanks forum held in Xining, the forum, China academician, Academy of Engineering Professor Qian Yi of Tsinghua University and the Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission party secretary, director Wu Haikun, is with the center for the study of ecological civilization in Qinghai province inaugurated, which means that in the the construction of ecological civilization in Qinghai rose to national strategy. Ecological civilization construction comprehensive upgrade, accelerate the occasion, Qinghai province will further promote the construction of ecological civilization and the implementation of ecological province strategy.

it is reported that after the establishment of research centres, our province hired 28 including domestic academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academy of engineering, the domestic industry’s top experts, the first in China to carry out ecological and economic fields to strengthen technology research to explore and think tank construction work, and further improve the decision-making consultation.

to play a think-tank platform, Juxian just, to give advice and suggestions of ecological civilization construction in our province, the Qinghai Province Ecological Civilization Research Center will set up the academic committee, hired well-known experts in the field of Ecological Province, the domestic scholars as academic committee. At present, there are 28 experts and scholars are pleased to accept the invitation of Qinghai, as a member of the academic committee. Including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University Professor, President of Qinghai University Wang Guangqian, Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor of Tsinghua University, such as Qian Yi. The future, these academic members will need to participate in the province of the research, evaluation, training and communication of scientific research work, decided to study the important achievements of publishing, reporting and major issues and options selection, recommended excellent results and other matters, put forward opinions and suggestions on the construction of ecological civilization.