The main body to participate in the construction of Sanjiang National Park

in April this year, China’s first National Park pilot established in Qinghai, Sanjiang source area, to explore the main body of the new model of ecological protection. The past six months, more and more environmental protection volunteers and people followed, and the local herdsmen to carry out ecological protection and construction in National Park, "a river of water to the East" to contribute their strength.

Sanjiang source region is the birthplace of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, Lancang River, is recognized as Asia’s most important water conservation areas and ecological security barrier. At the end of the last century, the region’s ecological activities such as livestock, climate change and other factors to accelerate the degradation of natural grassland area plummeted, rivers and lakes began to dry up. 2005, the state set up in Qinghai Province in southern Sanjiang nature reserve to carry out artificial intervention emergency protection.

"10 years of protection gradually curb the ecological degradation of the source of Sanjiang, during which the government also realized that the ecological restoration of a region can not be achieved overnight." Sanjiang source National Park Authority (chips), said Li Xiaonan, in addition to the government led the drive, but also need to use a good disk social resources to encourage people to participate in long-term.

recently, the reporter in Maduo County in Qinghai province is located in the headwaters of the Yellow River Zhaling Lake Township Chazecun saw dozens of riding nomads running slowly on the road in the village, the back of the car carrying bags filled with waste plastic bottles. Ling Ling Township Township, Lausanne, told reporters that the township is currently 6 villages have set up an ecological patrol team, a total of more than 200 people. Their duties include environmental cleaning, log records, illegal surveillance, etc., can get 1800 yuan per person per month wages.

Local herdsmen enthusiasm is high, has contributed more than 50 motorcycles, cars and dozens of horses, some of which are newly purchased by the

. They also set up a WeChat group, used to convey information, exchange of experience, to deal with unexpected ecological events, etc.." Lausanne said that in the past six months, herders ecological protection and management staff have been sent to a number of injured wild animals, but also successfully prevented the spread of the 1 prairie fire, near the lake near the garbage is also no trace.

social forces to participate in ecological protection, its effect is gradually emerging. Since the establishment of the park pilot, there are 7421 herdsmen joined the team of ecological protection." Li Xiaonan said that while stimulating the enthusiasm of the herdsmen, the park also encourage social forces to participate in related research and conservation projects.

8, located in the Lancang river source in Zaduo County Qinghai held the first open natural observation section, the scholars all over the world and folk ecologists were found active in Tibet Plateau, 10 species of mammals, 61 species of birds, 93 species of plants, of which many species first carried out a complete study and record.

some people also use a mobile phone in less than 300 meters away to the snow leopard mother and child intimate communication process, video recording for nearly 2 hours, has important scientific value.

years in the village of multi County, the government departments have also tried to cooperate with non-governmental organizations, each half of the funds invested in the establishment of a conflict between man and child insurance fund for the killing of livestock "accident" wildlife;