How to open home decoration shop

after continuous consideration, and finally to the shop to choose a correct address, however, want to let the shop to attract more consumers, naturally also need a more suitable decoration. However, how to decorate the jewelry shop at the same time has become a problem plagued countless investors. So, how to decorate the home jewelry store?

find jewelry store is certainly the decoration, if the cheapest, the most economical way to put the best effect, this should be all friends want to get.

is also no secret, my first home accessories shop carpentry approach, contractor, in accordance with their head, to wear, after a few days, with the increase of product placement, the goods are more and more, find a lot of a lot of problems, such as not to put the scarf, belt the position is not conspicuous, small gifts are too messy, this is normal, it is the first time, so we don’t expect once. The latter can be adjusted slowly.

second home jewelry store, I was invited to design company to help me design, because the first experience, expands and I will let them set aside a lot of space to facilitate the day after drawing, of course, spend more money, with a lot of good results.

head rich do plastic boxes, with no money on printing cloth (2 headlamps but also more than and 300), the shop is my color, with yellow tones, the girls feel something warm to do the rich do jewelry cabinets, look professional, no money with slot directly on the wall plate set, economical and beautiful, as are used in the groove, there is something which can be linked to the hanging hook is supporting and groove plate, the general wholesale market near sell.

jewelry shop is the most critical issue of light. Careful people is not difficult to find a better business shop lights, bad business shop often dark again, so much money is spent, difficult to love dearly electricity? The flowers need greenery, no lights decorate, your jewelry will be bland, price may not sell high, this is the difference between the shops and 2 yuan.

in addition to the main light source lighting lamp is certainly not less, all the best in the ceiling lamp ahead of track, this lamp can freely move, coupled with the lamp itself can rotate 360 degrees, then whether the goods placed in any position, can be irradiated to the.

in this can give me the number of lamp ornaments shop, my first store 20 square, 8 cabinet accessories. Each cabinet with 2 lights, 3 energy-saving lamps, out 15 spotlights the top 8 energy-saving lamps, in other words, I have a total of 32 energy-saving lamps as light source, 31 spotlights do modification, not including plastic lamp door, very front decorate lamp. All open after the lights on