Drinking water and food in Henan

this year is a rainy year, during the previous period of heavy rainfall, resulting in a lot of serious floods occurred in many areas, the vast number of people affected by the disaster suffered a certain degree of economic losses. In the face of natural disasters, the government in a timely manner to lend a helping hand to help the vast number of people in the disaster areas to solve a series of practical difficulties. This time, the disaster area of Henan drinking water and adequate food, in order to ensure the lives of people in disaster areas. Currently, most of the affected villages in Linzhou has entered the stage of post disaster reconstruction.

According to the

Tai Village Party Secretary Chang Jinshun introduced, the current state of the village or off, only a wells was completely destroyed, the village water has been broken, now a part of water is stored water before the villagers at home, there is a part of donated over water. But these can support up to 10 days, is now the most scarce water, followed by electricity, food is also more adequate.

two days after the storm, the humid weather in Linzhou, hot, in the village along the river in the North Village, soak a few days exudes the smell of rotting garbage, disease prevention is now the rescue work priority among priorities.

currently, the town has been set up in the township hospitals in the affected villages free medical service points and began to spray disinfectant in the streets. At present, all in the town of Anyang County, 8 villages of more than 2600 people were trapped, at all levels and relevant departments are actively organize the rescue, and the implementation of life supplies. Currently, the main road connecting the 8 administrative villages have been basically 3.5 km.

in the face of natural disasters, human beings are extremely vulnerable, but extremely tenacious. At the same time, in the face of the disaster, also shows that the basic construction of the city, is still incomplete, in the future for the city’s infrastructure construction is still a long way to go. It is understood that after the disaster, the Anyang Municipal Bureau of Finance allocated an emergency rescue and disaster relief funds 360 million yuan, to support the disaster area of flood, to ensure people’s life, to serve the people.

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