A man of courage is better suited to business

successful entrepreneurs in the eyes of the people is always so smooth, in fact the entrepreneurial process is always full of ups and downs, and not everyone is suitable for business, what kind of person is more suitable for business? The answer is: gambler.

him for only 15 days, 12 days before he left in thirteenth days, he received 3 remittance, the total is 15820 yuan, two months later, he earned 100 thousand yuan. Shi Yuzhu will be 100 thousand yuan and all put into advertising, after about 4 months, Shi Yuzhu became a millionaire. This story is now for people to talk about, but think about it, if at the time of 15 days in the past, Shi Yuzhu received enough money to pay for advertising? If the "computer world" in the newspaper issued a statement to the collection of Shi Yuzhu? We’ll probably never see a spectacular Shi Yuzhu and a full – blown Shi Yuzhu.