One word is more attractive

if you are asked to make a store card, what would you use to put on the card? Perhaps in the minds of many operators, since it is a shop license, naturally, the more information is contained, the better, however, there is such a shop, shop card above a word, but more attractive.

"you see this flower shop, plaque wrote a word ‘flower’, which is really special!" 21, Changchun Lee in the road after a flower shop, the shop is a plaque attracted.

this shop plaque Menlian not, also two meters wide, pink plaque is right with a yellow flower ", alongside a blooming rose, to see that this is a flower shop, but also with the general florist in plaque on a long list of names is not a sample.

into the store to find out, know this shop actually has a name, shop name "top grade flowers", but also opened a shop on the Internet, for customer service.

in front of the stalls rented out to do business Manicure, although little shop but the layout is very warm.

asked why tablet design so special, the boss smiled and said: "I want this kind of concise style. Some stores with a long list of names, the customer is not deep impression, I see that this plaque here is the flower, but also let customers feel a personality."


production shop brand, nature is to attract more consumers, but also for publicity, to store so many store card contains too much information, but can not attract the attention of consumers. The shop is so simple, a word is undoubtedly successful.