Shanghe County Bureau of human resources and leveraging the 38 day set off boom policy

although the current venture is more and more preferential policies, but people know how much? Therefore, the propaganda work is indispensable, Shanghe County People Club bureau is leveraging the 38 day set off boom policy.

in the ninety-third International Women’s Day is approaching, Shanghe County People Club bureau to actively carry out the theme of policies and regulations as the main content of the propaganda activities, to further improve the "half the sky" social security participation consciousness, enhance employability and entrepreneurial abilities, firmly establish the awareness of rights according to law.

for reimbursement in residents concerned about the program, the insured medical expenses, pension insurance payment standard, payment of subsidies and other aspects of the publicity, and special groups to pay medical insurance for urban and rural residents from the insured period, payment of endowment insurance and emphasized the publicity and detailed explanation; the focus of publicity for newborn babies, subsistence allowances and severely disabled persons preferential policies, to enjoy social welfare insurance in a timely manner.

with small loans policy, Small and micro businesses one-time start-up subsidies policy to carry out publicity, let the entrepreneurial intention of staying women to obtain financial support, to achieve entrepreneurial aspirations. In view of the complex situation of labor relations becoming more and more complex and diversified, Shanghe County Bureau of human resources and social services has been changing its work mode, optimizing the concept of law enforcement, and trying to resolve labor disputes.

with the annual work plan to the employer, the responsible person of the enterprise, labor management personnel and workers are concerned about labor relations, social insurance, inductrial injury treatment, tort liability and other laws and regulations that take legal advice, policy propaganda, saying the case in various flexible ways to enterprises and workers to explain patiently the "labor contract law", "industrial injury insurance regulations" and other labor protection laws and regulations knowledge, guide enterprises responsible person, personnel and labor management practitioners further studying and abiding by the law, usage, the formation of enterprise according to law management, staff good atmosphere to adults.