Maternal and child supplies store decoration simple budget

is now open two-child policy, the future mother has a huge market demand, has become a hot investment opportunities, open maternal and child supplies shop has become a rich means very good, then open the baby products store renovation costs which include? How much is the budget? Xiaobian for you to do a simple inventory.

now for the shop, which a large part of the expenses, is the cost of renovation, so, open the baby products store renovation costs how much? Below, on maternal and child supplies store renovation costs, to make a budget


; 1 yuan per centimeter

Tongzi: 1.20 yuan per cm five, crystal word: the thickness of a CM crystal word each cm cost: 1.8 yuan -2.5 yuan,


supermarket shelves: height: 180cm,   length: 90CM, width: 45cm  single, 4 layer   it is a net against the wall and back two forms. Price is 130 yuan a group, supermarket shelves, although the price is relatively cheap, but the lack of personality, to the customer feel more stiff, so be careful to use.


wall shelf: height: 210cm  width: 120cm  following a storage locker. Each group of 500 yuan. Material: trough board, wood board, hook, lamp tube,