What is the biggest reason for bad business

is also a business venture, however, perhaps the current market competition is too intense, so many people can only fail in the end. Of course, there may be a variety of reasons for the failure of a business, but the most important reason is that there are two. So, what is the biggest reason for bad business?

The psychological state of

1. poundfoolish

is not willing to spend money, save costs, save costs". Many entrepreneurs do not want to put the hard earned money to pay income tax, so the tax evasion method a lot of heresy, can lead to career development, finally found out also a great amount of money to pay, really lose the wife of another soldier. There are many people who do not want to pay interest on the bank and hesitate to use the loan, missed the best opportunity for investment.

In fact,

, as an obligation to pay taxes, to pay interest as an investment, as long as the correct goal forward, do a rational investment plan, the money to money, will naturally win a win-win situation. When the business expansion, revenue increases, naturally will not be too concerned about spending and the wrong way to save money.

2. no longer forward

after trauma

"once bitten, twice shy of ten years, psychological trauma is the biggest cause of business failure. A person’s heart, and feel that they pay so much, how can not get anything in the end, it is nothing to try again. Since then, another wounded warrior retired.

when interested parties who are interested in investing in business, these veterans immediately get up to dissuade, share the experience of failure, combat morale and confidence, resulting in unhealthy shopping environment. However, successful people are how many setbacks and failures, still insist on not giving up, only to achieve.

if we venture to do business now, and to be successful, then the above two factors, the natural need to avoid, so that it can get the probability of success is higher, the possibility to create their own wealth is greater.