Laibibao food franchise support and join conditions are introduced

Chinese fast food and Western style fast food is the biggest difference is that the Chinese fast food to abandon the western fast food is not enough nutrition shortcomings, to bring convenience to consumers at the same time, still can guarantee the health of consumers to eat. Laibibao pursuit of convenient, abundant nutrition, health, modern science laibibao food model, at present, is to practice and actively explore the standardization of Chinese fast food, the road of industrialization, and is committed to further enhance the Chinese fast food consumption level, consumption guide customer health needs.

in the future, is now in the process of introducing laibibao risk investment, to further strengthen and expand the enterprise, and strive for the successful listing in the next three years, and ultimately to create the first brand of Chinese food and beverage vision.

laibibao food franchise support and join conditions:

join support:

1. provides 5 years of trademark licensing, can share the headquarters of the overall publicity effect;

2. we are given to the main professional site counseling, and provide the appropriate standards;

3. we offer a free professional store evaluation tour;

4. the whole process and free of engineering decoration guidance and supervision acceptance;

5. provides a complete set of effective restaurant operations management manual for free joining stores;

6. improve the mature education and training system, so that the franchisee easily when the boss;

7. more than 60 successful direct store support, adequate human resources reserves, effectively avoid the risk of loss of branch staff;

8. strong R & D innovation capability, complete follow-up audit guidance, so that the continued stability of the store profit;

9. stores can share the scale of centralized procurement headquarters to bring the difference, reduce operating costs.

join conditions:

between the ages of 25-50 years old, with a passion for Chinese food and beverage;

have a good understanding and understanding of franchise;

agreed to join the headquarters of the business philosophy, recognition and acceptance of the headquarters to join the management mode;

is willing to accept the headquarters of not less than one month stores training, and through the relevant examination; "