What are the ways to keep customers

how to retain customers, this is a matter of concern to any owner. After all, the store only to retain more customers, will make the business really hot and good development. High quality and inexpensive and comfortable environment is the basic condition for the store to retain customers, the strategic attitude and decent long-term skills to make business more fire by the wind the wind to help the fire Wei on the upgrade. Many years of operation, I summed up the following points to keep people experience.

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1. yogurt, salt and other consumables not profitable as basic life, the flow of customers into the store at the same time, promote the sales of other goods.

2. yuanjiaojingong residents in the vicinity of the maintenance of stability at the same time, efforts to attract and retain the tourist district further. For example: take a walk in the evening or holidays will form many friends around customers, most of them have shopping plans. Smart sales personnel will not be thinking of anxious, and will find a suitable topic, mining other points of interest, to create a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere, make the other side when you need something will think of this shop.

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3. false foolishnot to epilepsy sales, will encounter "no deal", but the door is the guest, business people can not play personality. For example, during the Chinese new year often encounter a situation in which five or six or more people together to go to a home purchase, which, if there is a "no deal", you may lose all customers.

"Li Ge, I heard that your son has already got red belt in Taekwondo, and I want to let the children learn taekwondo……" It seems not to the point, but in the 35 sentence of Kung Fu, the accompanying relatives has basically been completed the purchase, but also ease the "no deal" between the people the feeling of embarrassment.

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4. Deck the tree with bogus blossom. For example, years ago, the new Yellow Crane Tower (Ruan Tianxiang), many men will face some new customers hesitate. At this time, the owner can say: "the area where the Pharaoh, continuous bought several times, said it is good taste." "Well, that’s a bag." Note that the third mentioned here, there must be a certain influence, and with the other party has some kind of connection or more familiar with people.

now the business is not good to do all walks of life, because of the fierce competition, but does not mean that such business is impossible to develop. Competition is fierce, business is difficult to do. As long as the intention to find ways to attract customers to retain customers, it is natural that business is booming!