What are the ways to improve the confidence of pasta processing shop staff

pasta processing franchise? In our life, has always been a very good entrepreneurial advantage. Pasta processing stores, a fire will open a shop. So, how can we improve the pasta processing shop staff confidence? What are the methods?

The operator

pasta processing franchise is when dealing with a crisis of confidence, remember to explain not panic disorder, stores the situation realistically to employees, join the pasta processing difficulties currently facing the crisis management status and coping strategies, measures, so that employees of the franchise to establish confidence, actively involved in food processing shop day to day work. If the boss simply said "don’t lose confidence, we can handle it" talk, say the structure often with the expected effect on the contrary, the staff will think you are in a perfunctory and deceive them, strengthen the food processing across stores do not trust.

to trust your employees: on the basis of "Expectancy Theory", believe that your employees will understand you, you will slowly believe their employees do is worth it, eventually return, employees in your efforts will slowly understand your intentions.

to learn how to communicate: pasta processing join managers must put yourself into your staff to talk about family, talk about the job, let them feel that you have no fear, amiable and easy of approach, so that they have no psychological pressure to work, the effect can be imagined.