Professional and technical personnel in Hainan and institutions can undergo Entrepreneurship

now throughout the provinces are actively promoting the professional and technical personnel in some of some business activities, at the same time, give them a very relaxed entrepreneurship policy in Hainan, put forward the professional and technical personnel and institutions can undergo entrepreneurship.

the provincial government recently issued the "Hainan provincial government opinions on further improving the employment work under the new situation" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") from 2015 to 2020, proposed that the province will create 100 business incubators, the public record space, small and medium business base and industry innovation platform, to provide entrepreneurship training for 10 thousand year entrepreneurs.

"opinions" pointed out that the key to support the Internet industry 12 key industrial development, increase support funds for technological innovation and transformation and upgrading of support.

will mobilize entrepreneurial enthusiasm of researchers, universities, research institutes and other institutions of professional and technical personnel in entrepreneurship, does poineering work from the relevant policies. For serving business, with the permission of the institution, can not affect the work, does not damage the unit of collective interests and in accordance with the premise of the relevant provisions of laws and regulations and policies; to undergo entrepreneurship, with the consent of the original unit, to retain people. Within 3 years since the signing of the agreement does poineering work from the date of the original units and other post equal personnel participate in professional titles, level of job promotion and other aspects of the right to social insurance.

"opinions" pointed out that from 2015 to 2020, the annual urban employment 90 thousand people, 50 thousand people each year to carry out occupation skill appraisal. Support the creation of 5 national or provincial full employment community. Strive to 2020, the province’s total skilled personnel reached 670 thousand people, skilled workers accounted for the proportion of skilled workers reached 30%. Each year to provide entrepreneurship training for 10 thousand entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship guidance for the implementation of the training of 200 teachers. 100 years, the province will create a business incubator base, the creation of space, small and medium enterprises, such as entrepreneurial base entrepreneurial innovation platform 5.

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