How to open a teahouse Need to pay attention to what issues

LEISURE TEAHOUSE brand project gradually emerging, choose the right investment brand, the same can help businesses get rich quickly. If you find a project, how to open a teahouse? What problems need to pay attention to? Novice investors may not be fully aware of this problem, it is necessary to understand.

1. internal environment and decoration style

2. how to price

3. taste

traditional teahouse is generally Chinese decor. Xiaobian recommend the best antique screen, hanging lanterns set in place, in order to give people a sense of quiet elegance, this is very important. Western style bar is not set, but personally feel more suitable for coffee. Teahouse interior color, to avoid the use of primary colors, with soft, but the shop to keep a brightness, because if the food out to give customers the feeling is affected by the brightness of the shop, it is not worth.

4. tea set

Only one set

choose tea is a science, according to local conditions, It differs from man to man. In our country, the tea drinking custom is different from each other. Many city residents and the Yangtze River to the north of the mainland, like to use cover to protect China brewing tea, while China’s coastal city residents with glass brewing, such as a color and shape a considerable pondering.

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