Apple Pay began to provide full support for popular Jiangsu bank

now pay more and more, in addition to the traditional cash payment, bank card, credit card, Alipay, WeChat, Apple, Pay…… These modern payment methods began to come into our lives, changing people’s way of life. Bank of Jiangsu announced the full support of Apple Pay, which will give people a new way of payment, bringing a more secure payment experience.

it is understood that those who hold Jiangsu bank with UnionPay debit card or credit card customers only need to add their own bank card to support applepay Apple devices, online "cloud UnionPay flash pay app online merchants and convenient payment. It is reported that, at present, Starbucks, KFC, McDonald’s Burger King, the next line of business, as well as a public comment, the U.S. group,, etc. where online merchants already support applepay payment. In addition, users of the Bank of Jiangsu applepay and manners both hands, from now until December 31st, Jiangsu for the first time to the bank customer credit card or debit card successfully bound applepay and completed 1 transactions, you can get 1 months of Iqiyi gold member.

Jiangsu bank cardholders use applepay settings very easily:

The first step of

add bank card: wallet application into iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices, click the "add a credit card or debit card" or the upper right corner of the "+" button, automatically or manually enter the card with information to be added by scanning the bank card.

Second step

applepay card verification: wallet application of mobile devices will be added to the bank card used by the Jiangsu bank cardholders after entering the card verification link, Jiangsu bank card customers can be verified through SMS verification code. After successful activation, the customer can see the bank card can be used for message applepay.

The third step: use applepay

to pay consumers when online, as long as the iPhone will be close to support the "POS flash pay terminal Yin Lianyun", and the finger on the touchid, through the fingerprint verification can quickly complete the payment. If the customer in the app shopping needs to pay, in iPhone and iPad, the checkout is very simple, as long as the choice of applepay, and put his finger on the touchid. If the POS terminal or app also requires input card password, according to the requirements of the input can be completed after the payment.

security and privacy is the core advantage of applepay. When customers place their Jiangsu bank credit card or debit card is added to the applepay, the actual number is not stored on the device and is not stored in the app recommendation