Sweet snacks have joined from patina crock advantage

is a popular snack produced good quality food items, health and nutrition is its unique advantages. Crock join form is ushering in a consumption boom, is a good project worth investors to join. Ancient Hong is a kind of snack jar Wagang, crock of container, using a variety of rare medicinal herbs, scientific formula, fine food, to natural mineral water as raw material for the production of a variety of nutrition and delicacy. The number of ancient Hong agents and franchisees in the snack jar at the end of 2011 is over 500, for two consecutive years in the crock snack industry first, has become the representative brand of crock snacks.

through the constant improvement and updating of Hong patina has covered crock snacks, the crock snack industry development belt peak, which has its advantage to join


1, unified image packaging, store more beautiful.

Hong patina garments and accessories, to provide staff badges, name card etc. VIS visual image of a unified system, unified decoration scheme, to help you create a local shop;

2, opening celebration planning, business more fire.

Hong customized patina opening ceremony activity plan and assign experience to guide business shop teacher with rich, until the store normal operation;

3, market protection, make money more independent.

Based on the overall situation of Hong

patina, according to local market conditions and strictly control the number of stores, each store to ensure that there is sufficient source, guarantee agency profit;

4, product timing updates, customers more stable.

headquarters on a regular basis free of charge with the actual value of the new dishes, specifically to deal with picky eaters, help operators to stabilize customer groups, improve market competitiveness;

5, the national advertising, brand more.

headquarters in the CCTV and the country’s major newspapers and magazines, outdoor, online media put a lot of advertising, improve sales performance and brand awareness;

would like to join the patina of Hong crock snacks, please in the message of our website below, in order to later give you more detailed information for your reference to join.