Seventy thousand yuan how to choose a person’s fate

seventy thousand yuan to open what kind of store size? Many businessmen think what kind of small stores or can open up the small, but do not think so, seventy thousand yuan can do what business may, people will think of many directions, such as opening a snack shop, what small clothing store, but most open up does not earn what money, because too little money. The business is not. But if Kai Qiqi jewelry store will definitely let you succeed in making a lot of money, and Zhang Qiang is to do so.

Look at the number of

now Zhang Qiang jewelry store business for nearly three years, the business is better every day, every day turnover of nearly 2000 yuan, remove some of the product cost, hydropower, fees, the labor cost, every month there are twenty thousand or thirty thousand of the net profit. Zhang Qiang took only seventy thousand yuan to open up the store of 15 square meters for him with such a high profit, he did not even want to think, but it actually happened!