What are the advantages of community stores and supermarkets

now a lot of people want to open a large supermarket, popular enough, seemingly profitable. However, compared with large supermarkets, community shops are often able to return a higher wealth, but also more business advantages. The opening of a large supermarket, the surrounding community stores, the owner will inevitably have a sense of psychological crisis.

in fact, as long as we pay attention to observe the heart, it is not difficult to find the pros and cons of large supermarkets and community stores. We can not change the momentum of the arrival of large supermarkets, but we can improve their own business ideas, so that their own small supermarket invincible.

offers, easy to make people love

first in the price, many large supermarket management personnel, rent is expensive, so the price is more expensive, when customers buy things, even if it is a fraction of 10 Fen are not likely to benefit. It may not be a concern for the boss or the credit card, but for the retired old man who often goes to the supermarket, they will be very unhappy.

and our community store is different, when customers buy things, there is a fraction of the $0.5 we can readily give to the customer. At the same time in the consumer more money on the basis of even a fraction of US dollars, the owner can own boss and let. This, the supermarket cashier can not arbitrarily decide.

second is in customer anxious commodity need, go to the supermarket, the selection of goods is very fast, but want to go home immediately to the payment of goods queuing to pay for the time, the concept of relatively tight customer may choose to give up in the hands of commercial community shops to buy, when hot heart customer station owner, sitting in the car in the road or do not need to get off, the owner will be enthusiastic to the customer goods, a large supermarket is unable to match.

to ensure that the supermarket merchandise clean health

of course, community shops in the street more, road vehicles to and fro, natural dust is more also, busy owner may forget to clean, in operation will inevitably encounter some headaches. A chance to buy cans of Sprite customers, goods have been taken away, suddenly found a bottle of dust, therefore, the customer chose to put down his drink, and other goods, or large supermarket goods to nag: clean health.

customer inadvertently reminded me of the community shop near the roadside, the dust is inevitable, therefore I will set up canned drinks or inverted, display, etc. as a result of boxed milk all upside down, dust can not enter the bottle. When the customer once again stepped into my store, I found the establishment of commodity shelf inverted, the customer a bit puzzled at first, I explain, customer delight, thumbs up praise: "the boss is really good, thoughtful for the guest. >