Shop operators need to consider the convenience principle

a shop want to business to business, need to take into account a lot of factors, of which, convenience has naturally become a very concerned about, but also need to pay attention to the operators. After all, the principle of convenience in the marketing theory of 4C occupy a place, the so-called convenience principle is simply to speak in order to facilitate customer consumption, enhance store popularity, this can not be considered.

1, location

customer spending generally like the nearest, a good beginning is half the success, the location of the store is appropriate, and the store’s popularity is directly related to the decline. So beauty shop in the early site must be careful, should take full account of the establishment of more convenient to come to the consumer. General store close to residential areas, convenient transportation, the door has a larger space, there is a place to park.

2, optimize the store environment, easy car owners consumption

related theoretical research shows that more than 70% of the consumer behavior is in the commodity area temporary decision. Optimize the commodity area environment can not only attract more customers, but also to stimulate customers to buy, is an effective way to enhance popularity.

(1), product placement should be reasonable

to arrange the transfer of people comfortable consumption environment, the overall style and layout of the whole hall of the whole commodity, small to each kind of boutique how to put, to meet the owner’s shopping psychology. In some people’s daily consumer goods shop commonly used perfume, net flavor paste, ornaments, placed in the middle reach of the shelves, and some car cushion, the Ottomans, it should be placed in the bottom shelf. In the main / obvious position is placed on the focus of recommended products, primary and secondary, to achieve the role of intangible recommendations.

(2), the product price

believes that many people at the mall will be due to the price of goods of unknown trouble and experience, so each product shop must be clearly marked, the best is marked in the top left of the goods, so that owners at a glance, do " " budget;.

(3), the establishment of the owners rest at

owners in the rest of the time is far more than in other places, so this is the best place to sell, many stores will be equipped with tea, tea in the establishment of the feelings of love, selling beauty concept. In the rest of the room put a few main products and information, avoid advertising atmosphere too thick. Owners can also see through the construction of large windows, the entire construction process, so that not only can eliminate the concerns of owners, but also to enhance the store’s professional image invisible.

to provide customers with more convenience, naturally can get a higher customer Ken