Ma 30 years after the CEO may be robots

every time to see the big picture of the robot in the United States ruled the world always feel incredible, but now Ma told everyone Future Ltd CEO may be a robot, the news sounds almost absurd.

This sounds a bit

human creativity really can not be machine copy? Wake up, the future may not stand in the human side.

Watson: will recruit CEO

IBM has been pushing Watson super intelligent computing into the medical, legal and other fields. A new generation of medical Watson has been able to help doctors diagnose diseases such as cancer, evaluate patients and prescribe. The lawyer may present to the Watson a vague question about the case, and the answer is provided with the provisions and information cited in the law or precedent.

Watson can do this, derived from its cognitive computing technology. Watson software can self change, so have the ability to continue learning. IBM also released a new set of tools that allow developers to make applications programming language other than English comprehension recommended