Several principles of entrepreneurship

The current

workers, some salary is not very high, but in his spare time more, let the majority of people to the idea of entrepreneurship, but the business must have reservations, after all the work is the primary task, it needs to comply with these principles.

A: This is an era of entrepreneurship, more and more people want to do their own business owner, including many office workers like Mr. sheng.

1, as far as possible not to expand the company and mature products agents.

2, the choice of products, must be real, must be regular production, the best certified by the relevant departments of legal procedures of products.

3, product uniqueness and high barriers to entry, some are very good, but too easy to counterfeit, the market opened, follow the trend of the market herd, soon collapse, at this time the most suffering is in addition to manufacturers, agents.

4, it is best to contact directly with manufacturers, and not to do second-hand or even three hand agents, unless manufacturers have special requirements. If you intend to do the second-hand, three hand agents, so one should consider the superior agency for your profit space is enough, two to consider the character and reputation of superior agency, three to consider the superior agents and manufacturers.