Do business and customers to communicate more customers into friends

said that if you want to do business if you need to have a more extensive network of contacts, friends, and a song that sings: "priceless friends, friends of the way to go." Whether in life, or in business, a number of friends more than the road. In fact, there are many shops are relying on friends touted, more prosperous business.

in the operation, we should learn to communicate with customers, especially young customers, they are active in thinking, a wide range of knowledge, ability to accept new things, but also very much like to communicate with others. In the process of communication, we can learn a lot of knowledge of retail owners, at the same time, with the customer’s communication skills will be effectively improved, but also can make a lot of friends in the same way.

someone told me jokingly said: "Zou Ge, you are selling cigarettes, but not to sell it, and customers talk so much?" I think the customer perception of goods, one is to see, two is to listen to. Just look is not enough, they also want to listen to you, you need to communicate with him. Sometimes, although customers for goods is not very interested, but through your presentation and communication, or readily bought, this is the charm of communication.

there are a lot of customers do not hurry to buy cigarettes after the walk, but point to a slow absorption. At this time you can pass a stool in time, one is to let it rest, two is the way to chat a few words, to enhance the feelings. This kind of customer, is generally a smoker with a longer age, if the two sides talk about speculation, may also become your future. At least, can give a good impression, maybe next time he will pass to you here to buy cigarettes.

, for example, once an old customer came to buy cigarettes. I see, I think he must have something to worry about, so he chatted with the homely. After the inquiry that the customer to do business lost a lot of money, the mood is depressed. This time I asked him: "brother, a person which can not have anything, did not go to Flaming Mountains. You are all pulling the "Taishan", so something to give you down? I also want to do business when they can not be daunted by difficulties as steady as Mount Tai, ah!" Later, the customer business improves, and come to me to buy cigarettes, he not only bought the "Taishan", invited me to go to his factory.

In fact, if

is good at communicating, the shopkeepers can almost become friends with any of the customers. So, the process of doing business is also the process of making friends. If your work is in place, and the smooth communication with customers, cigarette sales this work is very easy to carry out.