Britain to take off the referendum has decided to cancel the overall victory of Optima

recently has been an international event by the attention of countless people, this is the British off the European referendum, although the queen came out in support from Europe, but the number of people still stay in Europe to support large, so that people can not predict the outcome.

local time on June 23rd, the United Kingdom held a referendum on the referendum. According to BBC statistics, as of press time, there are about 17 million 60 thousand voters from Europe, 15 million 860 thousand of voters to stay in Europe, and European camp leading by 1 million 140 thousand votes, a British Exit Bureau.

after a historic referendum, the United Kingdom and the European Union part company each going his own way. As of 6 p.m. local time on the morning of 24, although there are still 8 constituencies have not yet completed the counting of votes, but support from Europe has more than 50% votes. After 43 years of joining the EU, the UK will be out of the EU, in the global market to cast a bomb.

British off the European referendum from local time 23 days 7 o’clock in the morning began to vote until 10 p.m. after the vote, the district began counting. The 24 day at 0:30 in the morning, the first point counting results are published, leaving Optima to victory, sterling rallied against the dollar rose to nearly 1 compared to 1.50. But then the plot reversal, after the fifth point counting results are published, and Optima counter ultra, and then gradually expand the lead.

as of press time reporter, Optima has received more than 1680 votes, more than 50% of the vote, the United Kingdom is a foregone conclusion of europe. The pound has fallen to 1.34 against the dollar, the lowest since 1985.

Britain from the EU, not only to the British political and economic prospects cast a shadow, will also make the whole EU into chaos. The British media generally expected, the British Prime Minister Cameron will resign, or even do not rule out the possibility of re-election in britain.

of the European Parliament main party leaders scheduled for 24 at 7 in the morning meeting in Brussels, the European Council president Tusk, President Juncker of the European Commission and the European Parliament President Schulz will hold a meeting to discuss, a British exit after the change.

in the face of international market turmoil, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank for the "European shock" emergency plan, designed to maintain the stability of the pound and the euro.

although the final results have yet to be announced, but vote from the current situation, and Optima won a foregone conclusion, this historic moment will become the very rare a memorable time, whether it is for the EU, or for the British, but as far as global economic development will have unusual significance.

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