European chimney rolls to join absolute money

European chimney roll snacks can be described as a major highlight of the snack industry, but also like God in the presence of the snack bar. The chimney is a delicious snack roll style, which eat a variety, let people think are left slobber. The European food hotline to join the "Ted Lo" belongs to one of the brand Shanghai Ding cooking Catering Management Limited, is the European super special delicacy snack chain brand. China project settled in the mainland market, Europe has been engaged in R & D, promotion manual chimney volume, the most authentic European traditional delicacy brand based on the mainland market, and the traditional culture idea of European delicacy to the mainland market, by the young love, is the old people of all ages.

company to operate on the basis of specialty, professional services as the guarantee, and strive to build well-known brands at home and abroad. Cook Ding catering to customer satisfaction as the company’s development goals, not only bring customer pleasure and experience, but also bring a different concept of consumption.

European snacks join process:

, a recognized brand culture and business philosophy catering Ding cooking;

two, determined to cook with tripod catering team jointly established brand development, sustainable business growth and maintain brand;

three, love food and beverage business, willing to devote themselves to the service industry;

four, fully cooperate with headquarters training and unified management;

five, with a certain amount of investment strength and suitable operating venues and enthusiasm for the food and beverage industry:

six, with the brand first, for the credibility of the business sense, has the market adaptability and competitiveness, to maintain the tripod cooking catering brand image;

seven, follow the Ding cooking standardized management and catering join rules and relevant national laws and regulations;


must be visual image design and decoration design according to the requirements of the headquarters of a unified comprehensive use of Ding cooking food, unified image.

business catering industry, the store size is not high, small 3 square meters to tens of thousands of square meters, can operate, greatly reduces the operating threshold, also catering business without stocking, goods, the purchase, sold the same day, good cash flow, do not need too much money, greatly reduced the investment risk, to build up the family fortunes of the first entrepreneurs, is undoubtedly one of the business sectors. Join the union / Ding cooking catering, small investment, low risk, high profit and market prospects of


food and beverage industry is a fast growing industry that can be copied