Creative funny name is attractive to young people


in the eyes of most people, who are creative, but also belong to the funny name, will inevitably feel can not understand, let alone care, but for young people, see is completely different. Many young people go to a store, is entirely due to creative and funny names.

for the funny name, fashionable young people are welcome, but parents are worried that would mislead children learn. Experts suggest that the store in the literary name should respect tradition and not profane culture.

reporter found in the visit, a wide variety, the name of the store is mostly creative young people or students gathered, and such shops are mostly scattered in schools or squares, shopping malls near.

"I think there is a tea shop name has been particularly interesting, called" taro lemon lemon ", I love to dim, so I love lemon lemon tea taro." Sitting in a named as a fast food restaurant Wang Xiaohan told reporters. She is a 90, it is also full of many fans, when the first glimpse of the house named "taro lemon lemon" tea shop when it Lenovo to 2013 happy boys in the dim.

walk with Wang Xiaohan Fei Chang that the name of eccentric storefront is very suitable for young people and their style, distinctive name names are easily popular among them. "No matter what is good for us, if the name is very fashionable or we have to new in order to be different, irresistible attraction."


name "creative, create new styles, I think the store products should also be very hard." Called "the reporter bombing of the giant squid in a name in front of the shop met Zhang was born in 1989, he told reporters that their young people love to go to the party name unique stores, as long as there is a funny name to them, they will be tempted to look at.

so, we are in the name of the shop, first of all, you need to clear the store’s target consumer groups, and then according to the consumer groups of consumer psychology shop named. If our shop is aimed at young people, then the shop name may wish to have more new oh.