How much do you need to invest in a thirty square metre cheese shop

actually want to open a shop in their own is not difficult, for many large enterprises who are small business do big, open up a small, want a good business, as long as thirty square meters of shops to. So thirty square meters open what kind of shop is better? How about the cheese shop? Open a business area of 30 square meters of standard cheese shop, if not labor costs, about how much money you need to invest it?

first look at the rent, sometimes rent to account for a large proportion of the entire investment, which also has many details to consider. For example, there is no transfer fee? There is no business license? A business license can not do the food hygiene license? Or a food circulation permit? How is the water meter, civil or commercial rent is paid monthly, quarterly payment? Or pay? The rental contract is signed one year is also a sign of rent for three years? Whether the annual rise? Must take these small details in advance to solve, or shop business will be very troublesome.

to open a thirty square meters of cheese shop need to invest?

followed by the decoration. Decoration grades vary from person to person, generally 500-1000 yuan per square meter. Light decoration, re decoration, is now a trend of dessert shop decoration. Of course, if you want to make their own shops are different, then do it yourself


equipment. The main equipment includes a large cheese shop yogurt machine, oven, freezer, freezer preservation, display cabinets, stainless steel barrels, half boiled milk pot, Hong Kong Style desserts relative to a simple, here is more than 3 thousand confidential yogurt, yogurt fermentation, intelligent machine, condensation refrigeration, disinfection as a whole, one can more than and 100 don’t do a bowl of yogurt, yogurt, can also be used as a fresh-keeping cabinet. If the sales of yogurt is not large, you can use the oven instead of the original handmade yogurt is to do so. In the oven (700-1000) yuan, it is not great, different from the desktop small oven is divided into two layers, three layers and four layers, there are four small wheels, generally on the ground. The oven number is more, a grilled cheese is more, electricity requirements is higher, generally a three layer of a 48 bowl of cheese oven baked, if the amount is large enough, can be equipped with two sets of pan. Note here, the electric oven is relatively large, generally need to walk alone a 4 square or 6 square wire. Stainless steel is used to cook half a bucket of milk, we usually pot 20 pounds, so half a bucket can not be too small, and it is best to choose some thick bottom, so even if the fire a little milk, still do not love paste. Steamer Double-Layer Steamed Milk is about, now has three thousand or four thousand yuan electric heating, ordinary stainless steel and a few yuan, hundreds of yuan a steamer, which we have used to say, I think it is practical of stainless steel steamer, although it can only do a bowl of ten or so, but the uniform heating, product phase the best, and the economic benefits, the vast majority of cheese shop "