The six rules that can not be ignored in network marketing planning

wants to own business easier, more need to understand the operation of the road network, is very much used in us now conform to the development trend of the times, more and more enterprises, the use of network marketing to the enterprise products and brands. Network marketing to achieve good results, the need for good planning. The following Xiaobian for you to introduce the six rules of network marketing planning, so you get a better marketing results.

1. free

free includes both costs and additional requirements and conditions. The lower the threshold to participate in activities, the greater the coverage of the population, which can be found and the target users get more. These two activities, there is no other additional conditions for user participation.

2. simple

in the light of the principle of activity rules need to be as simple as possible. The more complex the rules, the more impatient the user. Simple is also the basic requirements of enterprise activity planning, rules set too much, will make the user distracted, often the effect is not satisfactory. In order to set the common requirements of the enterprise users and @ multiple users of this rule, for example, on the release of multi-level requirements, both require forwarding, but also requires @ multiple accounts, the complexity of the rules so that the user is confused. Even if the rule is only a little bit more.

3. transparent

how to get the reward, whether is rewarded, who won the final by virtue of what conditions? The whole process is open and transparent, available evidence, not only is the best communication and participation of users, will greatly reduce the subsequent unnecessary complaints. In the social network, the use of profit impulse is very common, but also spawned a brush award party phenomenon, ran from the interests of users will be entangled in this, so transparent process in which it is very necessary.

4. funny

in social media, entertainment is one of the most typical phenomenon, various social networks are just like play games like in innovation. Interesting to attract more users to participate in, the user can stimulate new self creation, thus promoting the information diffusion effect once again pulled up.

5. can accumulate

The accumulation of

benefits can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of participating users, each participant will become their own communications.

6. cash

profit cash to fine and timely issued, as long as the user can get the prize awarding conditions. The prize does not have to be big, can be a drink, it can also be recommended