The strength of the faction Hot pot shop over the adorable Panda

hot pot you must have eaten a lot of brand stores, but this is such a hot pot restaurant you have seen? A powerful Hot pot shop panda. Let hot pot Meng turn your girl heart. Don’t pick the best Hot pot shop panda position, not looking for media publicity, duck blood free, dare to play the ninety percent off marketing. In short, it sets up the customer to even fear.

it is the home Hot pot shop, but sell a good hand to share a powerful faction adorable, the panda

it’s not over yet, and it’s not cold at the central kitchen. In the opinion of the founder of Wu Hongtao, once the central kitchen is not good, he can’t bear to "loyalty", will certainly affect the quality control, more The loss outweighs the gain.

Would you like

after Hot pot, a Michelin Samsung chef’s specialty dessert? Yes, although it looks adorable and is a combination of the two dimension, but can the stomach is full of hard currency".

is not afraid of Wendou fighting

next to the northeast is no one knows a pot of Liu, opposite the national food and beverage leader in the sea fishing, sandwiched between the two hot pot chiefs in the middle, the general hot pot shop has long abandoned treatment. In such a harsh environment, Shenyang joy in the panda to Taiwan Hot pot but Meng Meng survived.

in the fierce competition in the market, a Hot pot, the location of a location or even a name may have a Hot pot to the survival of panda has been a decided the fate of the renamed experience. Before its full name is the panda to imagine, adorable Hot pot, opened a shop called adorable Hot pot in the northeast of the tough, there are more than this illegal and


it is the home Hot pot shop, but sell a good hand to share a powerful faction adorable, the panda

Wu Hongtao also admitted that the mention of Meng theme, the first reaction is that the guests will not eat something delicious in the city of heavy industry such as Shenyang, the concept of excessive prominence Meng is undoubtedly some advance. Therefore, Wu Hongtao finally decided to abandon the original adorable Hot pot called, but called Taiwan Hot pot, at least conceptually to narrow the distance with customers.

duck and tofu is a lot of people eat Hot pot will come in order, but the bear meow, these two dishes full of unlimited add. Wu Hongtao said that this practice is the heritage of the tradition of small pot in Taiwan, corresponding, it is also easy to improve customer satisfaction with the meal. Now Wu Hongtao thought in the customer after a meal with duck blood, whether it is their own food or gift to others, can form two propaganda.

has improved the improvement of heritage, even innovation is the key to the panda could break out in the "encirclement". For example