Pay attention to what key points on the nternet

today, more and more people choose to seek business opportunities in the network, the investment in the network shop, but online business shop, although the risk of small, can have a lot of key points to note in the shop in the process of the whole network and Xiaobian a look together.

secondly attract the attention of customers, give customers a reason to buy

why customers buy? First should be the competitiveness of goods and commodities competitiveness will be reflected in the price of goods. How to make money online? You want to find ways to find the network quality can meet the needs of customers, but the price is as low as possible sources, network operators do not hold a supplier not to put, and to goods more than three. Use promotion and marketing. Online shop with the retail line is the same, the customer comes in, there will be a store marketing customer shopping impulse. How to make money online to improve the customer’s shopping experience. Customers into the shop after the overall feeling of the shop, it will affect the shopping decisions. Shopping experience must follow two points: one is to make your customers less mobile mouse in your shop, one simple and smooth; if there is no way to optimize the process, can follow the customer habits, if customers get used to a single process, then follow his habits.

finally allow customers to repeat purchase back

repeat purchase on the Internet is very rare, because it is not easy to form the online brand loyalty. The network should go to an account balance every month, every day, during this period.