How to get money from family and friends

said venture, always inseparable from these two words: funds. Entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that it is almost always quicker and easier to obtain funds from acquaintances than to invest in angel investors or venture capitalists. In fact, the majority of investors are "asking" before they embark on research related projects, entrepreneurs have received some investment funds from his friends and relatives.

1. do not be afraid to speak, words need to be cautious.

2. is full of vitality, reverent and respectful.

3. entrepreneurial ideas full of passion.

4. shows progress and entrepreneurs’ own funding".

saying that you need to start, so that their self financing has established a model, but also need money to the market, the latter is more convincing. We have seen people, they said but never put into action as if it were raining flowers.

5. financing does not seek to follow the prescribed order, overnight.